Testing whether people will buy your online course too

Before you invest time and money in developing a digitalized version of a training, we want to get as much assurance as possible that there will be return on your investment. During our strategy sessions, we will tap into existing and new customer segments and test whether there is a product/market fit.


Designing a course structure optimized for online consumption

In this phase, we will take a look at how we can divide your training in modules and lessons so that it becomes easy for the user to navigate your online course. We will also look at how we can add extra value by including supporting articles, videos and e-books.


Creating highly informative and entertaining videos for your course

We invite a specialized film crew to record your training and get it to the highest video standards. We can do this in our own studios or on location at your seminar. With the use of editing, motion graphics and slide decks we emphasize your message and make sure your videos are easily consumable and packed with information.


Building a user-friendly online course environment

The next step is getting the actual video's online in an environment that is easy and engaging for the customer to use. We make sure the site looks up to date to the newest design standards and is responsive on all devices.


Marketing your brand new online training course to the right audience

Once we're done with the final product we'll help you target a fitting customer segment. We'll do this by using the earlier validation data and by implementing a made to measure digital marketing strategy.